Household Hacks For Keeping Pests Away

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Household Hacks For Keeping Pests Away

If you live in an area that is prone to pests, and you would like to take more preventative measures to reduce the instances of unwanted guests in the home, then there are many actions you can take that will greatly assist in lessening the amount of visitors you have in and around your home. Living near wildlife can be great to connect with nature, though when animals of all shapes and sizes begin to get more comfortable in your space, then damage to the home can occur, as well as safety concerns for you family and even a risk of pet borne diseases. This is why it is necessary to take preventative action before it’s too late.


Some great tips of pest-proofing your home are listed below.


  • Be aware of any items of spaces that may hold water, especially in warm weather. This means gutters, or toys that can fill up when it rains. Mosquitos will swarm to these wet bodies of water and breed. Empty these spaces of water and be sure not to have anything laying around that will fill up.


  • Stacking wood against walls along the exterior of the house can draw in ants, rodents, and snakes to create homes in the dark hidden spaces. Be sure to keep the wood in a locked steel box if you can, or stacked laying on the ground.


  • Check access areas in the home. This means windows, doors, cracks, venting, and chimneys. Take a thorough look around the home so that you are sure there are no spaces that animals can crawl into, or make larger. Sealing with a proper sealer or using window and door screens is a good idea.


If you are still having trouble with pests and wish to seek further advice, then turn to a pest control professional.