Increase Your Home Value For Less Than $100

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Increase Your Home Value For Less Than $100

If you are wanting to create value and rejuvenate your home’s function and aesthetic but don’t have a large budget, then check out these effective tips on how to increase value without spending more than $100. Whether you are looking to put it on the market, or just after a change, these ideas will get your creative juices flowing and motivate you to take the next step.


Get inspired.

Books, TV shows, friend’s homes, display homes – all of these are at your fingertips, and often free or at very little cost. Suggestions may be all you need, you can even get a consultation session with an interior designer. You may not have the budget to go ahead with the designer, but just a consultation session could spark some ideas and tips for the future.



One of the most affordable and effective improvements is simply changing up the colour scheme, or replenishing older, weathered areas in and around your home with a coat of paint. You’ll be able to afford paint and all the equipment needed for under $100.


Plant and plan for the future.

Especially those looking to sell later on, why not invest in a future aesthetic with planting a tree or some shrubs now, knowing that later on, you and eventually the new owners will reap the benefits of this thoughtful action. The look and feel of a yard adds a lot of curb appeal to any property.


Think small luxuries.

Little improvements can go a long way not just for functionality of your home, also for home buyers appreciating your eye for detail. Additions such as fresh water filters on taps, or good quality air diffusers to create an ambient atmosphere, or even just ridding your spaces of older, cluttered furniture, can be great money saving, value adding tweaks for your home.