Low Stress Way To Organize Your House: Room-By-Room

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Low Stress Way To Organize Your House: Room-By-Room

Cleaning premises team to workIt is time for spring! Which means it is time to get rid of the winter gloom that fills your home. This transition might seem overwhelming but that is extremely understandable. A great way to make it seem much less overwhelming is to break your cleaning tasks down to room by room. Here are some great tips to help you tackle you house by cleaning room by room.

Lets start with the living room for our main example. Basically, winters are a floors worst nightmare. I promise, we will get to those winter stained floors but you have to remember to work from the top down. This is the best approach to cleaning any room because when you are cleaning shelves, furniture, or anything up high then anything that falls on the floor you would have to pick up. If you started with the floors first then that would be very frustrating. You should clean each room in this order:

  1. Ceilings- Use a safe stepladder to get all of the cobwebs from the corners and high parts of your wall.
  2. Ceiling Fans- Make sure to wipe all of the dust and build up that are on your fan blades as well as cobwebs that have formed around your ceiling fan. Get a quality product that makes sure to collect all the dust.
  3. Light Fixtures- It is sometimes best to take down light fixtures to give them a deep clean. This does depend on how easy and safe they are to take down. You should use a judgment call for this one.
  4. Walls- while you are cleaning the cobwebs off your wall, try to notice any black marks on your wall. This will give you a better idea for this step, which is tackling the walls. Try to use a wall cleaning product to get those smudges out and your wall looking freshly painted.
  5. Inside Windows/Mirrors- Next, find a product that will clean the inside windows and mirrors without leaving streaks.
  6. Curtains/Blinds- does not forget about your curtains and/or blinds! If you have curtains, try taking the attachment to the vacuum to get the dust from it. If you have blinds, get some type of dusting equipment and wipe those down as well.
  7. Furniture- Use a furniture oil or wipes on all wood furniture. You need to use upholstery cleaner for your couches and chairs. You can use an electric mixer to create your own by mixing up 4 cups of hot water with 1 tablespoon of dish detergent until it forms a thick foam. Use this foam to clean the upholstery then you should wipe/rinse with a damp cloth.
  8. Finally: Carpets- it’s finally time for the last step, which is tackling the floors. You can clean your carpets with a vacuum and even use the right products to shampoo your carpets if they need the cleaning bad enough. If you have hardwood floors then use a vacuum first to get up the dirt then use a powerful floor cleaner for you to finish up and mop with. Do not forget about washing your rugs if you have them around.

If your floors still are not looking the way you would like them too after you have completed cleaning then do not worry. It might be frustrating but you are not alone in that struggle. Sometimes it is okay to admit that you need professional help. Floors can be the hardest place to lift dirt from considering they are what come in contact with the most dirt. Do not be afraid to call a commercial cleaning company if you feel you need it. The money will be well spent because with their products and machinery, they will be sure to make a difference.

Now that you have the knowledge of what order to clean your rooms then this will be sure to save time due to the fact you will not have to backtrack and clean all over again.