Understanding Pesticides

Homeowners are one of the most common users of pesticides. For controlling unwanted critters and bugs, there are a range of pesticides that are available for home use. Pesticides aren’t just limited for use on ‘killing bugs’ as is the most common definition. Controlling and managing insects are a few of the many uses for pesticides, as there are many different kinds of pests that are prevalent in and around homes.


Pesticides come in a range of mediums, from concentrates (usually mixed with water) to synthetic pesticides that are chemical creations, to more organic formulas that are made from natural sources. The range of pesticides are made for different uses, which can usually be delineated in terms of their names, like ‘insecticides’ and ‘rodenticides’ to more lesser known varieties such as ‘mildewcides’ (contained in cleaning products) to ‘herbicides’ (plant defoliants). For those using pesticides, it depends on the area of your home that you will be using them, as well as which type of pesticide you are using in regards to what form the pesticide comes in. They can be in liquid form (which stick to surfaces), or sprays (some of the main varieties for easy application). Powders, granules and baits are all dry forms, which the pests usually ingest, and even barriers are used to create a perimeter around the space or house.


For whatever reason you are considering using pesticides, it is advised to use with caution, and always read labels carefully, have a well-ventilated space, and keep children and pets away from the areas you are treating. You can also utilize a pest control service to assist in controlling pests in your home.